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Bedford Methodist Chapel, Shelton

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In 1834 John Ridgway paid for the construction of a Methodist chapel and Sunday School on Bedford Road. In the census returns for 1851 it was recorded that the chapel could accommodate 300 people and that the seats were rent free. 

Thomas Hoyland, secretary for the chapel (who lived at 19 Russell Street, Shelton provided details of the number of people who attended the services on Sunday 30th March 1851:




General Congregation:



Sunday Scholars:








Bedford Methodist Chapel, Bedford Road,Shelton
Bedford Methodist Chapel, Bedford Road, Shelton

photo: Feb 2011


Islamic Centre, Bedford Road
Islamic Centre, Bedford Road 

A new chapel (The Ridgway Memorial Chapel) was opened in 1867 almost opposite the Bedford Road Chapel which was then used as a Sunday School.

In the early 1970s there was only one Mosque which was a converted terraced house in Stoke-On-Trent. The Muslim community living in Shelton area of the City needed a place of worship and Quranic education for their children. The Sunday School was purchased and became The Islamic Centre.




Bedford Chapel, Bedford Road, Shelton
Bedford Chapel, Bedford Road, Shelton
the chapel is surrounded by the previous Ridgway's Bedford Potworks
at the back of the factory runs the Caldon Canal

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