the local history of Stoke-on-Trent, England

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Did you know? - There were two Etruria pottery Works?


Wedgwood's Etruria Works in 1898 
on the Trent & Mersey canal

The first was the newly built factory of the famous North Staffordshire potter Josiah Wedgwood I, opened on 13th June 1769.

on Wedgwood's Etruria Works

take a 'walk' around Etruria

back stamp marks of Wedgwood, Etruria, England

There was also another Etruria pottery works - this one in Trenton, New Jersey, America.

"The Staffordshire of America"

In 1852, two immigrants from Staffordshire founded the Trenton's first industrial pottery, Taylor and Speeler on Mill Hill.
In 1872, Thomas Maddock first successfully manufactured glazed earthenware here. It was extremely popular, and it gave Trenton the reputation of being the "Staffordshire of America," after the area of Staffordshire in England famous for its pottery. 

Ott and Brewer - This company was founded in 1863 by William Bloor following earlier efforts in Trenton and East Liverpool. 
In 1865, it was known as Bloor, Ott & Brewer. Bloor remained the senior member of the firm until 1871. Upon his departure, the firm 'was renamed Ott & Brewer.

In an attempt to capitalise on the popularity of English ironstone and earthenware Bloor (and his successors) named their factory "Etruria Works" and used the Royal Arms.

Etruria Pottery (Ott & Brewer) of Trenton, N.J. 
an example of their earliest work, c1863. 
Oval ironstone platter about 13 5/8" x 9 1/8" -

 Double adjacent marks:
 impressed mark of Ott & Brewer (Kovel's Marks 15A) 
 underglaze printed stamp of Etruria Pottery (KM 63F).

example of a 'quasi' Royal Arms used by Ott & Brewer 
- although both mottos 
and the lion and unicorn are used there is no shield
in the middle of the centre circle

Etruria Works of Ott & Brewer
Using the name "Ironstone China"
and the full English Royal Arms

more on the use of the Royal Arms

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