Doors, gates and windows



Hanley Park, Stoke Road



Gates of Hanley Park - Stoke Road

Hanley Park (Cauldon Park) entrance in Stoke Road
Jan 2008

The development of the park and lake was under the guidance of Thomas H Mawson of Windermere (he also designed Burslem Park). 

Mawson went on to be a designer of international repute - he designed gardens throughout Britain, and in Europe and Canada.
In 1908 he won a competition to lay out the Peace Palace gardens at the Hague. He also advised on the development of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in America. In 1929 he became the first president of the Institute of Landscape Architects.


Hanley Borough arms over the entrance to the park.
On the Hanley County Borough Arms is the Dromedary camel this was from the Crest of the Ridgway Family.
The jugs (upper left) and the kilns (upper right) represent the pottery industry.

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