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Brick making in Stoke-on-Trent


Daisy Bank Brickworks - Marl Hole, Longton
Clay is taken from the hole via the track, directly into the works,
the 'chard' or broken scrap ware can be seen on the left of
the track, filling the hole back up again.

1898 OS map of Longton area showing the Daisybank Brick & Tile Works
and the Longton Hall Brick works


1898 OS map of the Eastwood area of Hanley (Shelton) showing the
Eastwood firebrick works & marl hole and the Mousecroft Brick works & marl hole

1898 OS map of Penkhull New Road, Stoke with two brick & tile works
with the associated marl hole.

2005 Google satellite photograph of the same area
(Edward Street was renamed Sturgess Street in the 1950's)
The outline of the marl hole can still be seen
the works are now
Portmeirion Potteries Ltd 


Oldfield Brick Works - Fenton 1922 OS map

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