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Stoke-on-Trent Districts: Tunstall


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Tunstall,  Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.


TUNSTALL is a considerable village within the township of Tunstall Court, a liberty in the parish of Woolstanton, four miles from Newcastle, pleasantly situated on an eminence, deriving its name from the Saxon word, tun or ton, a town, and stall, an elevated place, seat or station.
The grand Trunk canal is within half a mile of the village; and the Harecastle tunnel, running nearly two miles underground, is within a short distance. A second tunnel, parallel with the first, has lately been completed here, at a cost of 100,000, which will much expedite the conveyance of merchandize.....

In this township abounds coal, ironstone, marl and fine channel coal; and the manufactories of earthenware are very extensive here.

From Pigot & Co's 1828/9 Directory of Staffordshire

Extract from William Yates 1775 Map of Staffordshire 
Showing the small village of Tunstall
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Turnpike Roads

The main road from Newcastle-under-Lyme and Burslem, through Tunstall and onto the Red Bull at Lawton was turnpiked in 1763.

The road through Great Chell and Biddulph to Congleton was turnpiked in 1770

Trent & Mersey Canal

The thick black line running from centre bottom up to the top left of the map is the Trent and Mersey canal, built between 1766 and 1777. The position of the Harecastle Tunnel is shown by the words "cut underground"

Tunstall - the village

In 1775 Tunstall was little more than a village. It was still described as such 25 years later in Allbut's directory of the Potteries, 1802:

"Tunstall, including its environs, is the pleasantest village in the pottery. It stands on high ground and commands pleasing prospects. The manufactories in it are respectable and do considerable business. There are a number of brick and tile works here; the clay being of a superior kind for such articles; so that with good management the tiles made from it look as well as moderate slate. The Methodists have a large neat Chapel in this place. which is well attended. They have lately established a Sunday School, supported by voluntary contributions, and the teachers give their labours gratis."

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