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North Staffordshire Pottery Marks


Crown Staffordshire Porcelain Co Ltd.
Crown Staffordshire China Co Ltd.



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Crown Staffordshire Porcelain Co. Ltd.
Crown Staffordshire China Co. Ltd.

Manufacturers of high grade porcelain at Minerva Works, Fenton,
c. 1889 to 1985.

Renamed 'Crown Staffordshire China Co. Ltd.' in 1948

Mark Description & date

the registration number 131877 
dates from 1889

printed marks, c.1889 - 1912

the registration number 589090 
dates from 1911
Printed mark 1906+.

the registration number 592627 
dates from 1911

Printed marks 1906+.

sometimes with the addition of 'ESTd 1801' and 'Made in England'


Many of the marks say 'ESTd 1801' - 

However the Crown Staffordshire Porcelain Co. was not formed until 1889 - so how did they get this date of 1801? 

According to Jewitt's 'Ceramic Art of Great Britain'.. the Minerva works were established in 1801 and via a number of companies the works evantually vame into the hands of the Crown Staffordshire Porcelain Co.

So it is the pottery factory that was estabilished in 1801 - and not this company.

This type of stretching of the truth with dates was not uncommon with pottery companies as they tried to show longevity.


'ROYAL VICTORY' is the pattern name 
Printed mark - probably from 1930+

from this date onwards note the addition of the words "Fine Bone China"  

The name 'Crown Staffordshire' or the date 'ESTd 1801' or the scroll symbol indicate this company.


Standard printed backstamp which were used from the 1930's onwards.

incorporating the words "Fine Bone China"  

there were slight variations over the years.

the 1930's+ mark used on packaging. 


printed mark from c.1956 onwards

'Queensberry' was a trade name used by Crown Staffordshire China

printed mark from c.1962 onwards



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