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So many people have made contributions of photographs, articles and stories which add to the depth and interest of this site. Thank you to them for their contribution - where I have remembered I have included their name - if I missed you out or got a name / description wrong then let me know so I can fix it.

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Sometimes I have used material which has been assumed to be in the public domain or passed onto me as such - if you think that this is not so or you think I have infringed your copyright then please contact me so that I can correct any errors - don't come after me with a pack of lawyers - I'm just trying to build up a worthwhile resource on the North Staffordshire Potteries!

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Feel free to make use of the information on the site for your personal use - an acknowledgement would be nice.
It's also nice if you don't just copy very large chunks from the site.

Staffordshire Past Track
This is a fantastic resource and I use some photos and extracts to add to the completness of some of the articles on - this on the basis that my site is only for educational and non-commercial use.

Please respect their copyright - see the following for information:
Staffordshire Past-Track Copyright Statement

To visit the Staffordshire Past Track site: Staffordshire Past-Track

A project to photograph and record information for every square kilometer of Great Britian and Ireland.
Where I have used photos from Geograph they are under their Creative Commons Licence, the image is credited to the contributor,  the photos are copyrighted but also licensed for further reuse. If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under a similar licence.

See this link for an example of reusing photos from Geograph

Visit the Geograph Britain and Ireland project

Very useful on-line encyclopedia which I sometimes use to caption photogrpahs or expand an article.
Wikipedia uses the Creative Commons Licence.

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