Longton Hall  1873-1960

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  contribution by: Peter Ferneyhough

Remains of pottery works at rear of California Street


Leonard, Wilfred and Peter Ferneyhough

The family portrait shows Leonard (top left), Wilfred (top right) and Peter (bottom left). The picture must have been taken in about 1947. Wilfred is holding a pipe. 

So what happened to Thomas, Leonard’s brother -- the boy who refused to go into the factory? Well, he didn’t escape the ceramic industry altogether. He worked in the Sales Department of Barratt’s of Burslem. (Barratt’s of Staffordshire). A great deal of their output was sold in the United States. 

James Ferneyhough, the founder of the factory, expressed his feelings about his son’s desertion of the business in his will. He left everything to Leonard. Thomas was left only a long case clock.



Peter’s father Wilfred was a practising member of the Baptist Church.

An article about him in the Sentinel, published in 1961 under the heading ‘They Serve the Church’ records the family history of nonconformism (which was very strong in The Potteries), and lists the Church Offices he held.

His duties even extended to playing a dame in the church pantomime.

clipping from The Evening Sentinel newspaper 1961
(after the Longton Hall decorating works had been compulsory purchased)


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List of marks used