Westport Lake


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Westport Lake

Westport Lake is one of the cities Natural Heritage Sites:-


This site (off Davenport Street in Longport) features two lakes and a number of smaller pools, grassland, scrub and a nature conservation area. It is the most important site in Stoke-on-Trent for wintering and migrating birds; ducks from North and Eastern Europe regularly visit and occasional rarities like Iceland and Mediterranean gulls are seen. A variety of insects inhabit the lakes which, during the summer, attracts bats searching for food. The area is popular with bird spotters and walkers and is one of the most visited sites in the city.

Westport Lake was opened by Prime Minister Ted Heath in 1972, a prime example of turning an industrial wasteland into a pleasant centre for open-air recreation.

The main lake at Westport Lake is the largest body of water in the city. The site also has a play area, smaller lake, grass and a woodland conservation area. Westport Lake is well known for its water birds and is popular with walkers and anglers. The site was designated as a Local Nature Reserve in July 2004.

The Scotia Brook  - begins at Turnhurst and runs through Tunstall until it meets the Fowlea Brook at Westport Lake.


Westport Lake
A view across Westport Lake
- photo David Mastin Sept 2007 -

A view of the Trent and Mersey Canal adjacent to Westport Lake
just south of Tunstall
- photo Phil Eptlett  Dec 2005 -



Good old days spent at lake

"MADAM, - I'm writing to tell you about Westport Lake. When I was a child in the 1950s, I would set out with my sister and some other friends, and we would walk from Wolstanton to Westport Lake, and spend the day there. When I had children, my husband and I would say to the children when they were young "Let's go to Blackpool for the day", and for years they thought paddling in the water and making sandcastles at Westport Lake was their Blackpool. Oh, for the good old days."

MRS M J HEATH Newcastle

The Sentinel Newspaper 29 Dec 2007







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