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Adams family

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The Cobridge Gate estate was originally part of the Rushton Grange estate the property of the Biddulph family. 

In 1672 they sold this estate to their tenants, the Stevenson family. 

In 1769 William Adams (1748-1831) acquired the property which included Cobridge Gate House, a Potworks, coal mines, cottages and the Bulls Head Inn at Sneyd Green. 

In about 1780 he demolished Cobridge Gate House and built Cobridge Hall. The house occupied a commanding position at the top of the ridge overlooking the valley on the south side. William Adams laid out a formal garden around the house which was connected by a carriage drive to a lodge on what is now Vale Place. 

There were 25 cottages laid out on the east side of the Hall to accommodate some of the workers employed in his pottery factories. In 1851 Cobridge Hall was occupied by two of his unmarried daughters, Ann and Mary Adams, and three household servants. When Mary Adams died in 1869 this branch of the Adams family came to an end. 

Soon afterwards the land south of the Hall was rapidly developed with new collieries and clay quarries for the manufacture of tiles bricks and tiles. John Birks, a brick and tile manufacturer, occupied Cobridge Hall in 1881. The Hall was demolished in 1913.