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Ephraim Chatterley b.1744 d.1811

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father: John Chatterley mother: Joyce

Ephraim Chatterley

Wife: Mary 
daughter: Mary Ann
daughter: Dorothy 


Charles & Ephraim Chatterley Potters

see Shelton Hall

NOTE: It appears that Ephraim Chatterley was sometimes referred to as "Stephen Chatterley"; it is not certain if this was his first or a middle name or this is just a mistake in Ward 'The Borough of Stoke-upon-Trent'.

Dorothy Chatterley was Ephraim Chatterley's daughter.
She married Christopher Charles Whitehead and had two sons James and Charles (Ephriam's nephews) and so when Ephraim and Charles Chatterley gave up the business they passed it onto their nephews.

Ephraim's daughter Mary Ann married William Bishop, their son was Frederick Bishop who became Chief Bailiff for Hanley and brought The Mount at Penkhull from Josiah Spode II


1744 Ephraim Chatterley - baptised 20 February 1744, son of John and Joyce Chatterley.
1781 Ephraim and his brother Charles are recorded as potters in Hanley.
Through their agent Elijah Mayer they built up an extensive foreign trade. 
1782 Ephraim and Charles built Shelton Hall (also known as Chatterley Hall)
Ephraim was known to be living there c.1790
1783 E.C. became the first Mayor of the 'mock' Corporation of Hanley.
"The first nomination of Mayor took place on the 18th September 1783, when, (according to the record) 'Mr Stephen Chatterley was appointed to the "honor of being Mayor of Hanley and Shelton' ". - [NOTE this was certainly Ephraim Chatterley.]
1793 Ephraim and Charles gave up the pottery business to their nephews James & Charles Whitehead.
1811 E.C. died 7th May 1811.There is a memorial tablet, at the chancel end, in St. John's church, Hanley; it is inscribed:-
"EPHRAIM CHATTERLEY, of Shelton, who died 7th May, 1811 aged 66 years."
1832 E.C.'s widow Mary died in 1832 - she was still living at Shelton Hall at the time of her death.


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