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William Cooke

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William Cook at Richards Tiles
William Cooke at Richards Tiles


Richards monthly magazine 1954

There were many sad hearts when we heard on June 25th that Mr. Cooke had (to use his own expression) " gone home," for all who knew him had a genuine affection for our sterling old friend who had served us with such outstanding loyalty and efficiency for the last fifty years.

During the greater part of his career here he was in charge of our engineering services on the old Pinnox Works. He was, of course, a tower of strength to us during the war years, when all our younger men were serving elsewhere, and he did not spare himself in those difficult days.

Latterly he stepped into the breach at Brownhills, and at the annual meeting of the Works Council in February, 1952, he was awarded the Ricardia Medal for his outstanding services there. He was still in active charge of the Brownhills fitting shop when he celebrated his seventieth birthday last September and until his illness overtook him late on in May.

Will Cooke was one of our most valuable members ; he was a gentleman in the true sense of the term and he set us all a fine example of conscientious Christian living. His family, of course, adored him and we feel most deeply for Mrs. Cooke, and for Kenneth and his sister, in their great sorrow.


Richards Tiles c.1934/5
engineering services

William Cooke is seated in the centre of the picture.

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