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My ancestors on both my paternal and maternal side were mostly born in Burslem back as far as 1757 (and perhaps beyond) Enoch Davenport (1812) and his son Charles (1840) both managed Davenport Glass Works. Charles had seven children all born and raised in Burslem/Cobridge.

I found Charles's grandfather, Enoch Davenport, on the 1871 census, at that time he lived at Ivy House, Newcastle Street, Burslem. (He was born in 1812. and died 1873) His occupation is stated as 'Flint Glass Works Manager.' 
Next door to him, and the next entry on the census lived Henry Davenport in Longport Hall!  The inheritor of the, by then, ailing Pottery and Glass Business. This is the closest connection with the two families that I have found so far.  Enoch also had a son named Henry whose occupation is stated as 'Potters Gilder'.Enoch's father, Charles was born in Burslem in 1784, and his father Thomas born in 1757, also in Burslem.

Teresa Davenport

1891 census:

Dwelling: 108 Waterloo Road
Census Place: Burslem, Stafford, England


Marr | Age | Sex

  Birthplace Occupation
Charles Davenport M 50 M Head Burslem, Staffs Book Keeper (formerly manager of glassworks)
Elizabeth Davenport M 51 F Wife Stoke, Staffs  
Alice Davenport S 26 F Daur Burslem, Staffs School Mistress, elementary
Henry Davenport S 24 M Son Burslem, Staffs printer : pottery
Ernest Davenport S 21 M Son Burslem, Staffs Copper plate engraver
Charles W Davenport S 18 M Son Tutbury, Staffs Joiner (apprentice)
Harold J Davenport  15 M Son Tutbury, Staffs pot painter (apprentice)
Cyril Davenport  13 M Son Tutbury, Staffs Errand boy at pottery
Bertram Davenport  11 M Son Tutbury, Staffs Scholar
Ellen Shanasy S 25 F Boarder Dudley, Worcs Schoolmistress, Infants, Elem.

NOTE: This Davenport family was descended from the famous Glass and Pottery manufacturing family of the same name, this business was originally started at Longport in 1794.
One of the descendants - Henry Davenport who inherited the business had no real interest in the firm and made no attempt to deal with the problems which he inherited. The firm suffered a series of financial crises which were met by the simple expedient of selling off parts of the business. The last factory was sold in 1887 when the firm then known as Davenports Ltd came to an end. From the 1891 census it is apparent that Ernest's father was the last manager of the Davenport Glass Works.

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