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George Howson

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George Howson (1818-1896) 


Howson Street (in the old Eastoood area of Hanley) was named after George Howson

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father: Richard Howson mother: Jane Howson
George Howson wife: Eliza née Taylor
five children:

Bernard HOWSON
Richard G. HOWSON 


1818 born March 2nd 1818 in Burslem.
1864 George Howson married Eliza née Taylor.
1865 (67?) Because of his radical political beliefs and Chartist sympathies Howson had difficulty in finding employment. By 1865(7) he had enough capital to set up his own business at Eastwood works, Hanley. The company manufactured sanitary ware. 
1879 from this date the company was known as Howson & Sons.
1881 by 1881 he was employing 42 Men 4 Boys & 4 Women. The family were living at 27 Clifford Street, Hanley.
1896 George Howson died on April 11th 1896 at the family home, Stoke Road, Shelton.
1966 the factory was sold to Armitage Shanks

The bandstand in Hanley Park was the benefaction of George Howson (1818-96). 

The bandstand in Hanley Park was the benefaction of George Howson (1818-96). 
A Chartist sympathiser. Methodist and a pottery manufacturer at the Eastwood Works, Hanley. He was associated (along with J W Powell) in the development of music in the area. He founded a scholarship for North Staffordshire students in the Tonic Sol-Fa College, London.

Samuel Clowes trade unionist and Member of Parliament worked at George Howson and Sons. 


1881 census:

Dwelling: 27 Clifford St
Census Place: (Stoke Upon Trent) Shelton, Staffordshire, England


Marr | Age | Sex

  Birthplace Occupation
George HOWSON  M 63 M Head Burslem Earthen Ware Manufacturer Emp 42 Men 4 Boys & 4 Women
Eliza HOWSON  M 48 F Wife Burslem  
Mary M. TAYLOR  U 22 F Step Daur Burslem  
Kate HOWSON  16 F Daur Burslem Pupil Teacher
Annie HOWSON  15 F Daur Hanley Scholar
Bernard HOWSON 13 M Son Hanley Scholar
Richard G. HOWSON  9 M  Son Hanley Scholar
Eliza HOWSON  7 F Daur Hanley Scholar