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Joseph Hulse

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Joseph Hulse a market inspector and agent to the Gas Co; Chadwick's Row, Longton.

He was on the Committee of Management of the Longton Freehold Land Society.

Joseph Hulse

In the early 1880s the Green family moved out of Dresden House and and Joseph Hulse bought the property. 

He was a partner in the pottery firm of Malkin, Walker and Hulse, which employed 244 workers at their factory in Longton. In the 1850s he moved into a semi-detached house on the estate No 65 Ricardo Street. 

When the Greens left, Joseph Hulse bought their property and rebuilt the house. The new red-brick villa, larger than its predecessor, was lavishly ornamented with richly carved stonework around the windows and doors. The roof was embellished with ornate ironwork still extant in 1984 but removed by 1990. Joseph Hulse named the new building "Eldon House" and the name together with the date of construction "1884" - was incorporated in a glass panel over the main entrance door.

Joseph Hulse was also active politically in the 1880s when he was an alderman for the borough of Longton.
He died on 3 May 1891 and like John Green was buried in the church yard of the Church of the Resurrection. His widow was still in occupation in 1896. There was a succession of occupiers in the early 20th century which included A U Harley Jones, manufacturer, in 1907, and Walter Harris in 1914.