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William Ruscoe

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William Ruscoe


William Ruscoe was born at Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England on June 20th 1904, the son of William Ruscoe, potter.

After studying art at Stoke-on-Trent under Gordon M. Forsyth he worked as an assistant at Burslem School of Art (1938 -1942), serving as instructor in the practical side of pottery at the Royal College of Art (1939 -1940). He then became master-in-charge at Stoke School of Art (1942 -1944).

He married Olga Stanley Harris and the couple moved to Devon, where Ruscoe took up a post as lecturer in the College of Art, Exeter, until his retirement.

He brought the art of making rolled clay figures to a new level of skill and subtlety. His keen interest in glazing techniques led to the creation of some wonderful and colourful finishes to his pottery.

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Examples of William Ruscoe Ware

Rolled and glazed earthenware
No date

Small pot
Glazed porcelain


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William Ruscoe teaching students at
the College of Art, Exeter

Photo: University of Plymouth, School of Art

30 Aug 2005