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Anthony Shaw

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Anthony Shaw (b1827/8 d1900), earthenware manufacturer

on Anthony Shaw potter


1827/8 Anthony Shaw was born in Cheddleton, Staffordshire.
1844 Shaw married his wife, Jane - together they had three children.
c.1851 He established himself as an earthenware manufacturer at the Newport Works. (situated between the towns of Burslem & Tunstall).
Shaw was living at "Newport House"
1855 Exporting ware to the United States (granite-ware & cream ware) and to South America (luster and painted ware) - in 1855 Shaw was awarded a medal at the Paris Exhibition.
1856 Shaw was famous for his "Tea Leaf" design,  Anthony Shaw is considered to have produced the original Tea Leaf motif on his Sydenham, Niagara Fan and Chinese Shape body styles, registered in 1856.

tea leaf pattern
tea leaf pattern

1857 Served as chief bailiff of Tunstall.
c.1860 Anthony Shaw build a new works called the Mersey Pottery at Middleport, Burslem.
1862-72 Shaw served on the Burslem Board of Health.
1862 A new Wesleyan Methodist Chapel was built in the village of Milton. The site was given by A. Shaw.
c.1882 Shaw took one of his sons into partnership and marks on the ware was styles "Shaw & Son"
c.1898 Marks were styled "Shaw & Co", around this time the works were taken over by A.J.Wilkinson Ltd.
1900 19th January 1900 Shaw died at his home "Bank House", Buglawton, Cheshire. 

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