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John Thomas Sillito

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SILLITO, John Thomas, J.P. 
Grocer (Retired). 
Lynn, Victoria Road, Tunstall.

Born 1866 at Goldenhill, Staffs. Son of the late Anson Sillito.
Educated at Goldenhill.

Married 1897, Catherine, daughter of the late James Myatt.

Hon Treasurer, Tunstall Town Nursing Society; 
Trustee of Malam Home, Deganwy; 
Governor of Dr. Hulme's Educational Foundation and Manager of St. Mary's (C.E.) Schools, Tunstall; 
Past President of Stoke-on-Trent  Grocers Association. 

Recreations-Walking and Golf.

Heir-John Anson Sillito. Born 1906.

"Who's Who in Staffordshire" 1934