Goodwin Foundry - established 1883
Hanley - Ivy House Area -
going towards Ash Bank, Bucknall and Bentillee estates.

Established 1883 on the side of the Caldon canal.

Goodwin since 1883

Development of the Goodwin factory 

1983 explosion

1952 advert


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1775 map of Stoke-on-Trent

Ivy House Road 

Goodwin foundry - started 1883
Diagonally opposite the Meakin factory.
Taken from the drawbridge on Ivy-House Road.



Goodwin Coat of Arms

prepared by D.H.B. Chesshyre
(Chester Herald of Arms)


Key Dates


1st January 1883

Formation of the company as
R. Goodwin & Sons.

11th October 1935

Incorporated as R. Goodwin & Sons (Engineers) Ltd.


1st February 1982

Name change to Goodwin PLC



Centenary celebrations.

The Goodwin Coat of Arms was granted


Explantation of the Arms

Red and Gold


.. for its industrial connotations
.. colours of the melting furnaces
.. reference to wealth generated by industry.




The Millrind for the engineering connection.

The wings to symbolise the overseas interests of the company.


The Staffordshire Knot as the family and company were established in the county of Staffordshire.



The oak leaves indicate the English roots, the ivy leaf because the foundry is located in Ivy House Road.



The sculpture on top of the crest is of a steel melter.


In his hand the furnace man holds a millrind to show the original engineering and iron foundry roots.



The Mote (motto) 'On fonde pour le monde' - One founds for the world.

 Photos taken September 1999 - S.C.Birks

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