Price & Kensington Pottery, Longport - Burslem

Price Brothers: c.1896-1961, Price & Kensington 1961+
Price & Kensington, along with the Spode factory in Stoke is the earliest surviving example of a fire proofed construction in the pottery industry.

Situated by the canal bridge on Newcastle Street. This is the main road from Burslem to Newcastle.
As many pottery factories it backs onto the Trent and Mersey canal.

Nearby on the canal is Longport Warf, Steelite, Burgess and Leigh and a few other potteries. Just behind and across the canal is one of H & R Johnson factories. Further up Newcastle Lane (towards Burslem) are some 17thC cottages.


Frontage of the factory from Newcastle Lane looking towards Trubshaw Cross and Burslem / Tunstall.


The rear of the factory showing the bottle kiln - the canal at the bottom of the picture is the Trent & Mersey.


The 'not so pretty' side of the factory. 


A view of the yard from across the canal 

- notice how cluttered the yard is and the 'overhang' of the corner of some buildings - this allowed for the maximum size of the upper rooms and still gave room for the traffic to use the yard. 


Factory Shop showing Price & Kensington teapots.
Photo taken from the canal side just below the bridge on Newcastle Street - it shows how crowded the area was.

From the left of the picture we have Price & Kensington frontage, a row of terraced houses, then the  Longport Warf warehouses. 

Photos taken October 1999 - S.C.Birks

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