Regent Road - Hanley (Eastwood)

Regent Road, Hanley - looking towards Litchfield Street, Hanley Park is behind the viewer.

The street on the left is Bethesda Street.

The 1898 OS map of Hanley & Etruria mark this area as 'Eastwood' 

Opposite this house was Eastwood Works - a Firebrick and Marl manufacturer.

There was a large marl hole bounded by Regent Road, Houghton Street and Clifford Street.

Bethesda Street. 

On the 1898 OS map - opposite this block of houses at the junction of Regent Road & Bethesda Street was a Cattle Market.

House on Regent Road, the tiles used on the house are identical to those used on the small A. Wood factory opposite.

Detail of the house door.

Note the 'AW' on the left and 1875 on the right.

'A. Wood, Tiles, Cement'

This small factory stood opposite the house above (note the same 'AW' initials)

Behind this factory was the marl hole of Eastwood Firebrick Works.

A sign (not shown) states 'established 1875' - the same date as the hose opposite.

Detail of the pediment on the right hand part of the A. Wood factory.


Note the 'AW' initials

The plaque reads 'built - 1880' 'enlarged - 1882'

Photos taken October 1999 - S.C.Birks

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