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Postcards of Stoke - Colin Minton Campbell Statue


Colin Minton Campbell Statue
Colin Minton Campbell Statue

On the three sides of the base are the following inscriptions:

'Colin Minton Campbell, born August 27th 1827, died February 8th 1885'.

'A successful manufacturer, a leading townsman and generous friend'.

'High Sheriff 1869, Member of Parliament for North Staffordshire 1874 to 1887, Thrice Lord Mayor of Stoke 1880-1883.'

The statue was unveiled by the Duchess of Sutherland at a public ceremony in January 1887. The statue was originally in Campbell Place (as shown on this postcard) but it was moved in 1954 to a site outside the nearby Minton factory

In 2002 the statue was moved to the new Royal Doulton headquarters site in Forge Lane, Etruria. The Minton works in Stoke were sold & demolished late 2002 to make way for a supermarket.  



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