Postcards of Stoke-on-Trent | Wedgwood Series 



Wedgwood Series

2 series of cards  (22 cards in total) from Wedgwood when they were in Etruria (to 1940). The cards display the operations of pottery manufacture.

1 Blunging and the Clay Press: preparing the clay
2 Pug Mill and throwing: producing ware on the wheel
3 Throwing and dish making: producing ware from the clay
4 Casting: producing ware from slip
5 Figure maker and Ornamenter: producing typical Wedgwood ware
6 Modeler: Producing quality pottery ware
7 Turner: preparing the ware
8 Firing the ware: Loading the saggar and the bottle kiln
9 Printer and transfer: Putting the pattern on the pottery
10 Underglaze painting: Hand painting the pattern
11 Slip dipping: Applying the glaze before firing
12 Glost firing: Firing the decoration on the ware
13 The finished work: The Portland Vase and Wedgwood

All of the postcards in this Wedgwood series were kindly supplied by John Booth the 2000 president of the Potteries Postcard Society. email: John Booth