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Glost bottle kilns at Twyfords Cliffe Vale works
Glost bottle kilns at Twyfords Cliffe Vale works
photo: Potteries City Museum and Art Gallery



Thomas William Twyford was born in Hanover Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent on 23rd September 1849. He was the eldest son of Thomas Twyford and Sarah (nee Jones) He came from a family of potters who had started making commercial pottery in 1680.

In the early 1880's Thomas designed, developed and manufactured the first one piece wash out pedestal closet and called it the UNITAS. This was pioneering work in sanitaryware.

In 1887 Thomas William Twyford opened his "model" factory in Cliffe Vale near Hanley. The factory was described as "model" because it was considered by government inspectors, at the time, as a pattern for all Staffordshire factories. Each workman had his own opening window and fresh air.

Cliffe Vale Pottery
Cliffe Vale Pottery
from an 1893 advertising and trade journal

- the row of glost kilns can be seen on in the illustration -

Frontage of the Cliffe Vale Potteries

Entrance to the Cliffe Vale Potteries

Twyfords Cliffe Vale Pottery

photos: Steve Birks - 2000

contents: 2009 photos