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The Bell Pottery, Bethesda Street, Hanley


The Bell Pottery, Bethesda Street, Hanley in 1953
The Bell Pottery, Bethesda Street, Hanley in 1953

this view is looking along Bethesda Street
(see the arrow and circle on the map below)
the kilns of the Bell Pottery are being demolished to make way for
a new Museum and Art Gallery which opened in 1956

- to the left is part of a group of buildings which were part of the
former Staffordshire Potteries Water Board, and in the more distant left
is the Sunday School of the Bethesda Methodist Chapel
(see the red outline buildings in the map below)     


Base of one of seven bottle kilns on the museum site



1898 OS map of the top end of Broad Street, Shelton

purple = Bell Works


The ornate building on the far right is the 'Staffs and Potteries Water Board Offices' on the junction on Albion and Bethesda Street - this can be seen on the photo at the top of the page The car park is that belonging to the Potteries Museum, on this site stood the Bell Pottery , this area was cleared in the mid 1950's. 


contents: 2009 photos