Renaming of streets - early 1950's

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Development of the names of streets in the Longton area
from 1828 to 1969
compiled by Eileen Hallam 

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1828 1832 -41 1851 -61 1881/91 1940's / 50's 1969 Location
      Adderley Green      
      Adderley Ter Adderley Ter Adderley Terr off Bold St, off Anchor Rd
      Albert Place Albert Place Albert Place  
        Albert St Albert St off Anchor Rd
  Albion St Albion St   Albion St Morpeth St High St to Normacot Rd
  Anchor Lane Anchor Rd Anchor Rd Anchor Rd Anchor Rd  
      Argyle Terrace Argyle Terrace   off Rectory St, off Wood St
        Arthur St Ashton St off Heathcote Rd
    Ash Ground       Ashwood area
    Ashwood Terrace     Ashwood off Wood St
      Ayshford St   Ayshford St  
    Bagnall St     Chelson St  
    Bank Place       off High St, near Bagnall St
        Bank St Barclay St off George St/Anchor Rd
      Barkers Court     near / off Barker St
        Barkers Passage Barkers Passage off Sutherland Rd
        Bath Court   off Bath St
        Baths Passage Baths Passage off the Strand
        Baths Rd Baths Rd off the Strand
      Bath St Bath St Bathurst St Anchor Rd to Wharf St
    Belcher St       near John St
    Berry Bank       off Commerce St
    Berry Lane     Berry Lane off Commerce St
  Berry St Berry St   Chancery Lane Chancery Lane  
        Bold St Shenton St off Anchor Rd
    Bridge St     Heathcote Rd  
      Bridle Path     Dresden
        Bright St Speakman St off Locketts Lane
        Bright St Bright Green St Adderley Green
        Bright St Bright St Meir
      Brook St Brook St Murdoch St off Marsh St / Griffin St, Edensor
        Broughs Court   off Vauxhall St
      Burtons Buildings      
        California St California St off Foley Rd
    Careys Court       off Drury St
Caroline St Caroline St Caroline St     Caroline St  
      Castle St   Beeston St George St to Heathcote St
        Caverswall Rd   Anchor Rd to Park Hall Rd
Chadwick's Lane Stone Rd Chadwick's Lane     Chadwick St  
Chancery Lane   Chancery Lane     Transport Lane  
Chapel St Chapel St Chapel St     Bennett Precinct off Flint St
      Charles St Charles St Cornwall St Ashwood to Wood St
    Chatfield Place       Mount Pleasant area
    China Row       off Wheat Sheaf St
Church St Church St Church St   Church St King St  
    City Rd       Edensor
      Cobden St Cobden St Cobden St Trentham Rd to Redbank, Dresden
Cockpit Lane   Gold St     Gold St  
Commercial St Commercial St Commerce St     Commerce St  
        Copes Avenue Churchfield Ave off Chaplin Rd
Corn Hill Martin's Lane Chancery Lane     Bennett Precinct  
    Cornhill Passage     Bennett Precinct off Chancery Lane
      Crescent, the   Battisson Crescent  
      Cumberland Row Cumberland Row   off Normacot Rd
    Cumberland St        
Cyples Lane   Cyples Lane     Bennett Precinct  
    Daisy Bank     Spring Garden Rd  
      Dawsons Lane     Normacot
Dippers Chapel St Market Lane Market Lane     Transport Lane  
    Dividy Lane   Dividy Lane Dividy Rd  
Dobson's Lane   School Lane     Webberley Lane  
Dragon Square   -       Junction of Cyples L & Kingcross St
    Drury Court       off Normacot Rd
    Drury St       off Normacot Rd
      Duke St Duke St Rothbury St Near Gower St
        Earl St Radnor St off Heathcote Rd
        East Side   off Gate St = High St to Sutherland Rd
        East Side Pass.   off Sutherland Rd
    Edensor Place        
      Edward St   King Edward St Edensor
      Field Place   Field Place near Heathcote St, Sandford Hill
    Fir Trees       Normacot, probably off Star & Garter Rd
Flint St   Flint St     The Strand  
    Foley Culvert        
        Ford St Paragon Rd off Sutherland Rd
    Francis St Francis St Francis St Tatton St Florence
      Frederick St   Capewell St off Anchor Rd
    Friths Row       behind Gower St / Sheaf Pass
    Furnace       Florence
    Furnace Row       off Normacot Rd?
  Furnace Rd Wheatsheaf St     Normacott Rd  
  Furnace Rd Furnace Rd     Normacott Rd  
        Furnace Rd Furnace Rd Belgrave Rd to Chaplin Rd
    Gallimore's Bank     Bennett Precinct off Chancery Lane
    Gallimore's Row     Bennett Precinct  
      Garden Place Garden Place Hackett Place off Goddard St
        Garner St gone off Sutherland Rd
  Gate St     Gate St Sandgate St  
        Georges Court   off Heathcote Rd
George St George St George St Heathcote Rd Heathcote Rd Heathcote Rd Edensor
      George St (1900) George St Edgefield Rd off Anchor Rd
Gerrard's Lane   Vauxhall St     Vauxhall St  
      Gladstone St (1900) Gladstone St Banbury St off Anchor Rd, Adderley Green
    Gold St        
    Gower St Gower St Gower St Gower St  
      Grafton Rd Grafton Rd Grafton Rd  
      Granville Place Granville Place Healey Place Strand to Trentham Rd
Great Charles St Stafford St Stafford St   Stafford St The Strand/Lightwood Rd  
Green Dock Lane Mill St Mill St Edensor Rd (1900) Edensor Rd Edensor Rd  
  Gregory St     Gregory St   Heathcote Rd to Foley Rd
      Grosvenor Rd Stone Rd Lightwood Rd  
      Grosvenor St   Grosvenor St off Heathcote Rd
        Grove, the Ebury Grove  
        Hawkins Yard   off Normacot Rd
    Heath's Passage     Heath's Passage  
        Heathcote Rd   Edensor
      Heathcote Place Heathcote Place   off Heathcote Rd
      Heathcote St (1900) Heathcote St Heathcote St Sandford Hill
High St High St High St High St High St Uttoxeter Rd  
    Hillside       Normacot - is this Hillside estate?
Hog's Lane Weston Rd Sutherland Rd     Sutherland Rd  
        Hope St Kendrick St off Ford St, off Anchor Rd
    Howard St Hope St East   Kendrick St East Vale
      Hulme Banks     c Adderley Green
      Hulme Rd   Pitsford St Newhall St to Station Rd, Normacot
        Hulmes Buildings   Normacot
        Hulton Rd Atholl Rd off Lightwood Rd, Normacot
      James St James St Tuscan St off Anchor Rd
    Jaquiss' Square       off High St, near Bank Place
      Jervis St (1900)   Jervison St  
  John St John St     Calvin St  
King St King St King St   King St Kingcross St  
      Leaks Alley Leakes Alley   off Edensor Rd
        Leggs Buildings   off Edensor Rd
      Lewis's Lane Sandon Rd   Meir
Little Lane Dock Lane Clayton St     Clayton St  
    Little Lane       off Edensor Rd
        Locketts Court   off Locketts Lane
    Locketts Square   Locketts Square   off Chancery Lane
        Longton Rd   cont Bucknall Rd, to Dividy Rd, A Green
        Lord St Bartlem St off Bold St, off Anchor Rd
    Lovatt St   Lovatt St Calverley St  
        Lower Cross St   off Wood St
  Lower Hill St Lower Hill St     Landon St off Sutherland Rd
        Lower John St gone off John St
Lower Market Place Market Place Market Place     Times Square  
    Lowes Lane       Normacot
    Lowes Passage   Lowes Passage Lowes Passage off Normacot Rd
    Malt Lane     Malt Lane Lovatt St to Locketts Lane
    Market Lane   Market Lane Transport Lane off Stafford St
    Market Place     Times Square  
    Market Sq        
Market St High St Market St     Market St  
  Marl Bank         near Barker St
        Marlborough Rd Marlborough Rd  
    Marsh St   Marsh St Griffin St  
  Martins Lane St Martin-le-Grand     St Martin's Lane off Kingcross St
    Mayers Court       off George St (Edensor Rd)
      Mear Green Uttoxeter Rd   Normacot
    Mear Lane Uttoxeter Rd Uttoxeter Rd Uttoxeter Rd  
    Melbourne St Goddard St East   Goddard St Goddard St, East Vale
        Melbourne St Melbourne St off Heathcote St, Sandford Hill
  Middle Hill St Middle Hill St     Harber St  
      Middle John St   Haig St off John St
      Mifford Gate      
Millfield Gate   Sutherland Rd     Weston Coyney Rd  
  Millfield Rd Gate St     Sandgate St  
    Mill St     Edensor Rd  
      Moores Lane     Normacot
    Mossfield Rd        
  Moss St Engine St Wharf St Wharf St Bridgwood St off High St
    Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant   Lawley St  
  Nelson St York St York St   Ebor St  
    Newbold Square     Bennett Precinct  
    New Church Row       off Normacot Rd
  New Church St Bagnall St   Bagnall St Chelson St  
      Newhall St     off Uttoxeter Rd Normacot
New St New St New St     Greendock St Edensor Rd to Heathcote Rd
    Orchard Place     Orchard Place off Edensor Rd
    North St (1868)        
        Oxford St Merton St off Anchor Ed
    Paradise Place        
  Paradise St Paradise St   Paradise St Langton St off Edensor Rd
        Park Hall St   off Anchor Rd
    Park Place       off High St / Albion St
      Park Passage Park Passage Park Leigh St High St to Normacot Rd
        Percy St Heber St Anchor Rd to Wood St
        Pitt St Walpole St off Bold St, off Anchor Rd
  Potters Row Barker St Barker St Barker St Barker St off High St
      Princess St Princess St Mercer St Dresden
    Prospect Place   Prospect Place Prospect Place off Locketts Lane (gone)
        Railway Terrace Railway Terrace off Ford St, off Anchor Rd
    Queen St   Queen St Bennion St off Vauxhall St
        Rectory Cl Manse Close  
        Rectory St Manse St off Wood St
        Reservoir Rd Reservoir Rd off Melville Rd
      Ricardo St Ricardo St Ricardo St Carlisle St to Chaplin Rd
        Richmond Ave Roxburghe Ave  
        Richmond Rd March Rd off King St
    Rock St        
Rock St Mill St City Rd   Edensor Rd Edensor Rd  
    Rock St       Edensor
    Rope Walk        
Roundabout Vauxhall Rd Union St     Millbank St  
    Russell St   Lloyd & Warren St Lloyd & Warren St High St to Normacot Rd
    Russell St   Russell St Russell St Dresden
        St Ann St Craven St off Heathcote Rd
        St Chads Close Marlow Close  
        St Chads Rd Marlow Rd  
          St Gregorys Road Edensor
  St Gregory's St St Gregory's St   St Gregory St Gregory St Edensor
    Sale St        
        School Lane   off Trentham Rd, Blurton
    School Lane   School Lane Webberley Lane Lightwood Rd to Normacot Rd
    Secret Alley     Short St  
    Shaw's Building        
        Sheaf Passage Sheaf Passage High St to Normacot Rd
  Shelley St Park Place        
    Short St     Short St High St to Normacot Rd
        Smith St   Ashwood to Hill St
    Smithy Lane     Smithy Lane  
        Spratslade Drive Spratslade Drive off Trentham Rd
    Spring Bank Court       Normacot
      Spring Hill Spring Hill   off Lower Spring Rd
    Warrin St Spring Rd   Lower Spring Rd off Normacot Rd
        Stanley St   off Anchor Rd
      Stafford St Stafford St The Strand  
      Station Rd Station Rd Recreation Rd Normacot
      Stone Rd Stone Rd Lightwood Rd  
    Summer Row   Summer Row Summer Row off Trentham Rd
        Sutherland Place Sutherland Place off Normacot Rd
        Sutherland Terr.   off Sutherland Place
      Swift's Court     Normacot Rd area
      Taylor St   Rowland St Dresden
Trentham Rd Trentham Rd Trentham Rd   Trentham Rd Trentham Rd  
        Uncle Tom's Row   off Normacot Rd
Union Market Place Market Place Union Square   Commerce St Commerce St  
        Union St Millbank St Commerce St to Normacot Ed
        Upper Cross St   off Wood St
  Upper Hill St Upper Hill St   Upper Hill St Barlow St High St to Sutherland Rd
      Upper John St Upper John St Ruskin St off John St
        Vale St Farmer St Stone Rd to Trentham Rd
Vauxhall Rd   Drury St     Normacott Rd  
        Vauxhall St Vauxhall St off Lightwood Rd
        Victor(ia?) St?   Albert St to Heathcote St
        Victoria Place Garnham Pl off The Strand
        Victoria Rd Bengry Rd Uttoxeter Rd to Spring Rd
        Victoria St Speedwall St Heathcote St to Edgefield Rd
        Warren Terrace   off Warren St
        Waterloo Passage   off Heathcote Rd
        Waterloo St Barford St off The Strand
      Wedgwood St Wedgwood St Amison St off Anchor Rd
        Wellington Court Wellington Court off New St, Edensor
        Wesley Place Springvale Place  
    Weston Place   Weston Place   off Heathcote Rd, Edensor
        Wharf St Bridgwood St  
    Wheat Sheaf St       next to Gower St
    White Row       off Park Place
    Whittaker St       off High St, near John St
    Willow Cot     Willow Row off Willow St
    Willow Row   Willow St Cartwright St Stafford St to Spring Garden Rd
Wood St Wood St Wood St     Wood St  
      Woodland St Woodland St Plant St off Anchor Rd
      Wood View (1891)     Adderley Green
  York St Lovatt St     Calverly St High St to Normacot Rd
    York St York St York St Ebor St off Normacot Rd; gone
        York View Ebor View off York St


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