Piccadilly Street, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent

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Piccadilly Street



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Piccadilly Street, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent

Paradise Street -  at the west end of Tower Square


"The village of Tunstall was described in 1795 as 'the pleasantest village in the pottery' It developed rapidly after 1816.... The market-place was laid out in 1816 and formed the centre of the growing town. Forty small houses in two terraces running west from the market-place were built in 1821 by the Tunstall Building Society

These houses in Piccadilly and Paradise Street contained a front and back room on each of the two floors with a privy and an ashpit in the diminutive walled garden at the rear. Wash houses or sculleries appear to have been added beyond the back doors of many of the houses at a later date. A narrow cobbled footway runs between the yards of the two terraces and is crossed by a passage entered through an archway in the centre of each row. Above the arches are oval plaques bearing the street names and the date."

Victoria History of the County of Stafford Vol VIII (1963)

After the narrative above virtually all the houses have been demolished. Two however have survived in Paradise Street as the 'Paradise Inn'



Corner of Piccadilly Street & Tower Square
Corner of Piccadilly Street & Tower Square

The building which fronts Tower Square is the Methodist New Connexion Chapel of 1821.

Corner of Piccadilly Street and Wesley Street
Corner of Piccadilly Street and Wesley Street

Wesley Street was originally Market Street (after the market held in the Tower Square) but was renamed in the early 1950's


House still standing in Piccadilly Street

This house (in common with the nearby Methodist Chapel) was built in c.1821. It was built on the opposite side of the street to the houses built by the Tunstall Building Society. 


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