Etruria: Etruria and Josiah Wedgwood (1760 onwards)


 The view from Etruria Hall 


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The factory was screened from the Hall by a plantation on the opposite side of the Trent and Mersey Canal (see 1832 map). Trees were planted around the house to hide the service areas but there was a clear view from the back of the house and the terrace below it over the Fowlea Valley towards Basford Bank and Wolstanton Church.

Current view from Etruria Hall
Current view from Etruria Hall - looking towards the canal
and location of the works.

NOTE: The gardens shown bear no resemblance
to those of Wedgwood's days.


Etruria Hall - just visible behind the trees
on the extreme right.

The larger building to the centre left is the 
Moat House Hotel.

- taken from the position of the
old Shelton works (near to Wedgwood potworks)
The boat which is just visible is on the
Trent and Mersey canal.



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