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Lucie Wedgwood Gates
Lucie Wedgwood Gates
Chapel Lane, Burslem

The Lucie Wedgwood Gates were unveiled on Thursday 23rd July 1998 as part of the celebrations marking the 50th Anniversary of the National Health Service.

Named after the founder of Burslem Health Centre, the gates were designed around a number of themes which included Parent & Child, Local Industry and Lucie and Cecil Wedgwood - reflecting on health improvements from the past to the present.

Location:  Chapel Lane, Burslem - outside the Health Centre
Installed: 1998  
Commissioned by:
North Staffordshire NHS Trust
Architect: Philip Wooton
Blacksmith: Edmund Sveikutis


Lucie Wedgwood (b.1864)

Born 1864, Cork, Ireland. Daughter of the late W. E. Gibson of Cork. In 1888 married Major Cecil Wedgwood.

Lucie was a Director of Josiah Wedgwood & Sons and one of the First Women Magistrates appointed in the city.

She was the first Mayoress of the Federated County Borough of Stoke-on-Trent, of which her husband, Major Cecil Wedgwood was First Mayor, 1910 and 1911.

Made Honorary Freeman of the City of Stoke-on-Trent, in 1930, being the first woman to receive this honour.



There are four separate panels in the gates,
each of which show figures outlined in steel and filled in with wire mesh
 coloured in red, blue, yellow, green, orange, brown and white.

The hands decorating the plate and shaping the pot commemorate the ceramics industry and its significance in the industrial development of the area. Other motifs - the mother holding her baby, the crawling infants, and the obviously healthy children playing children - allude to community health services, past and present, available within the health centre.



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