T & R Boote


Timeline for T & R Boote


T & R Boote




                * (Since 1963 as part of Richards then Johnsons tiles)

Bootes took out patents as follows:

Oct. 5th 1843      -  Richard Boote, for decoration
June 4th 1857     -  Boote, T.L & R, Mosaic and other pottery
Nov. 10th 1864    -  Boote, T.L. & R., manufacture of pottery


T and R Boote
The Patent Tile Works, Burslem

 The Pottery Gazette, American and Canadian Edition, January 1st 1880



T & R B


T B & S


The name of the individual pattern is often included.

The Royal Arms were often included in Boote's Victorian Marks



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Timeline for T & R Boote

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Potworks occupied by T & R Boote:

  From Until
Central Pottery, Burslem 1842 1870
Kiln Croft Works, Burslem sometime after 1835 1864
Waterloo Works, Burslem 1850 ?

N.B. Waterloo Pottery was closed in 1906 and the firm has subsequently concentrated in the manufacture of tiles.