Gladstone China (Longton) Ltd 


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Gladstone China (Longton) Ltd




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China manufacturer at the Gladstone Pottery, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent.


  • Members of the Procter family had been involved in potery manufacturing at the Gladstone Pottery Works since c.1876.

  • The Procter family business was acquired by Thomas Poole (who also owned another pottery business - Thomas Poole (Longton) Ltd.), and the Gladstone Works business was re-named Gladstone China (Longton) Ltd. 

  • The Procter and Poole families were related by Marriage - George Procter (the grandson of the original George Procter) had married the daughter of Thomas Poole.

  • George Procter continued on the board of the new company. 

  • During the Second World War Gladstone China closed temporarily and the business was ‘nucleated’ and production concentrated with the firm of Thomas Poole who had been granted a government license to continue production.   


Previously: George Procter & Co

Subsequently: Thomas Poole & Gladstone China Ltd




Gladstone Pottery

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