Bairstow Manor Pottery


Location and period of operation:

Bairstow Manor Pottery




Earthenware manufacture at Blackhorse Lane, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent

The original company was started in 1938 by Percy Bairstow.
The name 'Bairstow Manor Pottery' originated in 1979, when Roger Bairstow, son of Percy took over the works.

Internet site: Bairstow Manor Pottery

Bairstow Manor Pottery manufacture for Carlton Ware, Totally Teapots, Toby Inns and also Russian Merchant, a company based in Moscow. 
They manufacture reproduction Staffordshire dogs and Toby Jugs from the original Kent pottery works

on William Kent


Initials used on ware for identification:

mark used by Bairstow Manor Pottery 
on their reproduction "Kent" Staffordshire ware

mark used on Bairstow Collectables
mark used on Bairstow Collectables


20th, 21st C Reproductions by Bairstow Manor Pottery
late 20th, 21st C Reproductions by Bairstow Manor Pottery 
from the original 19th C moulds of the Kent family.

Yalta Tea Party Teapot
Yalta Tea Party Teapot
A limited edition of just 750. 
Depicts Winston Churchill with trademark cigar

Centenary Clarice Cliff Figure
Centenary Clarice Cliff Figure
Part of the ‘ Potteries Ladies’ range, 
this piece celebrates the work of Art Deco 
pioneer Clarice Cliff. 
Limited Edition of 750




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