William Kent (Porcelains) Ltd


Location and period of operation:

William Kent (Porcelains) Ltd




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Earthenware manufacturer at Auckland Street, Burslem - producing Staffordshire figures. dogs etc from early 19thC moulds.
NOTE: These works are the same as the "Wellington Street" works of Kent and Parr - in the 1950's many streets in Stoke-on-Trent were renamed and "Wellington Street" was renamed "Auckland Street"

Formerly: William Kent (1894-1944)

NOTE: On Dec 31st 1962 William Kent (Porcelains) Ltd stopped manufacture of earthenware figures - they continued for some time to produce industrial porcelain for the electrical market.

NOTE: A company 'Bairstow Manor Pottery Ltd' continues to produce Staffordshire Dogs from the original 19thC Kent moulds.


Initials used on ware for identification:


a moulded initial mark on modern
earthenware figures made from the
original 19th C master moulds
the "B" stands for Burslem

printed mark 1944-62
printed mark 1944-62


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