W T Barlow & Son


Location and period of operation:

W T Barlow & Son





Coronation Ware was made by T.W. Barlow & Son Ltd., Coronation Works, Commerce
Street, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, earthenware and china
manufacturers operating from the 1860s until 1940.  Many of their designs had a
printed outline which was then filled in with hand-painted enamels, some were
entirely hand-painted.


Marks used on ware for identification:

'Made in England' 'Established 1837' 'Hand Craft'

The above mark 
was used by the company between 
1936 and 1940.
"Est.1837" probably refers to the date of the building
of the pottery factory rather than the founding of the company.

The above information may not be available
for all potters - if you have information to
help complete the records then I would be
happy to include it.

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