Location - Longton (M to Z) 


A Machin & Co

A Mackee

McNeal & Co

J H Middleton

Moore Bros

T Morris

Morris & Davis

The New Chelsea China Co Ltd

Palissy Pottery Ltd

Paragon China Ltd

Plant Bros

R Plant & Sons

R H & S L Plant

T Poole

Poole & Unwin

G Proctor & Co

J H Proctor & Co

Radford, Amison & Perkins

Ratcliffe & Co

Reedfern & Drakeford

Regency China Ltd

Riddle & Lightfoot

Robinson & Chapman

Robinson, Repton & Robinson

Robinson & Son

Rosina China Co Ltd

Roslyn China

Rowley & Newton Ltd

Royal Art Pottery Co

Royal Art Pottery (Alfred Clough Ltd)

Royal Stafford China (Props: Thomas Poole and Gladstone China Ltd)

Salisburly China Co Ltd

Sampson Smith (Props: Barker Bros Ltd)

John Shaw and Sons (Longton) Ltd

Shaw and Copestake Ltd

Sheaf Pottery Co

Shelley Potteries Ltd

J Shore & Co

Shore and Coggins Ltd

Shoubotham & Webberley

Skelson & Plant

Sampson Smith

W T H Smith & Co

Staffordshire Potteries Ltd

Star China Co

Stevenson, Spencer and Co Ltd

Sutherland & Sons

J Tams (John Ltd)

Taylor & Kent

Thorley China Ltd

Tipper & Co

G Townsend

Trentham Bone China Ltd

J Unwin & Co

Wagstaff & Brunt

H A Wain and Sons Ltd

C Waine

J Walker

T Walker

T Walters

Walton Pottery Co

J Warren

C Warrilow & Sons

W Webberley

T Wild & Co

Thos C Wild and Sons Ltd

Wildblood, Heath & Sons

Wileman & Co

H M Williamson & Sons

The Winterton Pottery (Longton) Ltd

J B Wood & Co

T Wynne

Yale, Barker & Hall

G Yearsley & Co

J Goodwin, Stoddard & Co

T Morris


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