Marks of North Staffordshire potters
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Staffordshire Knot marks

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Staffordshire Knot marks (page 1)


William Adams & Co,

marks incorporating a crown and Staffordshire knot used from c.1879 and into the early 20thC

H. Aynsley & Co,  Commerce Works, Longton

H A & Co

mark commonly used 1873-1932

"L" stands for Longton  

 Bodley & Co, Scotia Pottery, Burslem

B & Co

"Price of Wales" is the pattern name.


below the knot is a printed registration diamond (registered date: 1862) - interestingly the impressed registration diamond is different than the printed one. This could be one for the shape and one for the pattern or it could be the blank ware was made by Edward F Bodley & CO (established 1862) - a number of the Bodley family potters operations overlapped.   


Edward F Bodley & Co [1862-81]
Bodley & Harrold [1863-85]

Both operating at the Scotia Pottery, Burslem and used as a mark the Staffordshire Knot with "Scotia Pottery" printed inside.

Edward F Bodley & Son, New Bridge Pottery, Longport [1883-98]

moved to the New Bridge Pottery c.1883

George Frederick Bowers (& Co), Brownhills Works, Tunstall.


E. Brain & Co, Foley China Works, Fenton

early printed mark 1903+ 
This mark used by Robinson & Son and continued for a short while by E Brain & Co

William Brownfield (& SON(s))


Impressed or moulded marks

The initials W B are shown in the bottom sections of the Staffordshire knot.


Above the knot is the registration diamond and the pattern name.

Burslem School of Art

impressed mark of "BSA" inside the knot   1935-41


E & C Challinor, Fenton Pottery, Fenton

one of the marks used by E & C Challinor was an impressed Staffordshire Knot with the words E & C CHALLINOR and sometimes "FENTON" and / or "IRONSTONE CHINA"

Goodwin & Bullock, Dresden Works, Longton

printed mark    1852-56

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