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John Thomas Arlidge

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b.1822 d.1899 - Medical Practitioner at the Ironmarket, Newcastle-under-Lyme. Lived at High Grove house, Trent Vale. 

father: John Arlidge  
John Thomas Arlidge wife: Eliza Watts


1822 John Thomas Arlidge - born 17th July 1822 at Chatham, Kent, Son of John Arlidge. 
1838 Apprentice to a general practitioner in Rochdale.
1846 Graduated from Kings College, London. 
1847 Elected Member of the Royal College of Practitioners. 
1847 Appointed resident medical officer at St. Luke's Hospital for Lunatics. 
1859 Published a paper: "On the state of lunacy and the legal provision for the insane, with observations on the construction and organization of asylums."
1859 JTA married Eliza Watts
1862 John T Arlidge was appointed a consultant physician to the North Staffordshire Infirmary - which at that time was at Etruria. 
1864 John T Arlidge was the first person to look systematically at life-expectancy in the pottery industry
1867 Awarded an MD (London) 
1869 Elected as a Fellow of the Royal College. 
1873 Appointed as a Justice of the Peace.
1878 Elected Mayor of Newcastle-under-Lyme.
1892 Charles Turner Thackray (1795-1833) was one of the founding members of the Leeds School of Medicine in 1833, and his book on occupational health remained the most important in its class until Dr John Arlidge published his Hygiene, Diseases and Mortality of Occupations in 1892 - this became Arlidge's chief work.
1899 Died on 27th October 1899.


The first person to look systematically at life-expectancy in the pottery industry was John T Arlidge who in a study published in 1864, concluded that.

"The mean age at death of male potters in Stoke parish, of 20 years and upwards, was 46.50, and that of males, not potters, was 52. The mean age at death of males of all classes, aged 20 and upwards, in all England, is 56, and in the city of London 52. Therefore the value of life among male potters is 9.5 years less than that of males in the general population in the country."

Arlidge (p. 19)

In 1881 Dr Arlidge lived at High Grove house with his wife Eliza and four servants, in addition the coachman lived in the lodge. 

1881 census:

Dwelling: High Grove House
Census Place: Stoke Upon Trent, Staffordshire, England


Marr | Age | Sex

  Birthplace Occupation
John T. ARLIDGE  M 58 M  Head Chatham, Kent Physician M.D.Lond J.P.& F.R.C. Lond
Eliza ARLIDGE  M 52 F Wife Tottenham, Middlesex  
Emma MELLOWS  U 30 F Serv  Northampton Cook
Frances JONES  U 29 F Serv  Oswestry, Shropshire, Parlour Maid
Margaret HUGHES  U 28 F Serv Wellington, Shropshire Ladys Maid
Phoebe SIMPKIN  U 24 F Serv Eccleshall House Maid
Harriett LITTLEDALE  U 58 F Boarder Liverpool, Lancashire Income From Lands & C

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