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BSC Shelton Works  - 1986 advert

BSC Shelton Works  - 1986 advert

The National Garden Festival Stoke '86
the official souvenir publication - page 6


The Iron and Steel Act of 1967 brought the 14 largest steel companies, representing about 90 per cent of the UK's steelmaking capacity, into public ownership as the British Steel Corporation.

In 1978 Iron and steelmaking was discontinued at the Shelton Works under the British Steel Corporation's rationalisation plans - the blast furnaces and steel converter were closed.
The relatively modern section mills on the 'new side' survived and rolled steel blooms from British Steels Teeside Works.

Stoke was chosen as the site for the National Garden Festival in 1986. It was located around Wedgwood's Etruria and Shelton steel works, reclaiming an expanse of land devastated by the effects of heavy industry. The site is now Festival Park, a complex of leisure and business facilities attracting visitors from the Midlands area and beyond and contributing to the City's economic infrastructure.

27th April 2000 saw the closure of the rolling mills at the Shelton Works - last day of operation with loss of the entire workforce (almost 300).