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Simon-Hartley, Stoke-on-Trent - 1977 advert

Simon-Hartley, Stoke-on-Trent - 1977 advert
Simon-Hartley, Stoke-on-Trent - 1977 advert
Stoke-on-Trent City Handbook 


"SIMON-HARTLEY LIMITED commenced operations before the turn of the century as a family of inventive engineers which came to be known as Hartleys (Stoke-on-Trent) Limited. In 1967, when the Hartley family sold their business to the giant Simon Engineering Group, much logical preparation work and thinking preceded the deal. Hartleys had the water pollution market outlets and Simon Engineering Group had the research and development expertise and, of course, the financial strength.

It was inevitable therefore that companies with similar interests within the Simon Engineering Group of companies would be integrated under common management. Firstly, in 1969, the Biochemical Engineering Division of Simon-Carves Ltd. of Stockport and, secondly, during 1970, the Water Treatment Division of Simonacco Ltd. of Carlisle, were transferred to Simon-Hartley's main plant and offices at Etruria, Stoke-on-Trent. Thus the Group's activities in the liquid pollution field were brought under one roof.

There is little doubt that the merger of the Hartley-family business with the Simon Engineering Group of companies provided the right sort of ingredients for a successful and viable enterprise. The interaction of Hartley's long established experience in sewage purification plant and machinery manufacture and Simon's technical resources in the environmental field soon made rapid impact on development of new and better techniques in machinery being manufactured and the range of services being offered. National and international awakening of the dangers of pollution has also created an added impetus to Simon-Hartley's expansion.

The plant for mechanical handling and purification of sewage and industrial effluents, designed and manufactured by Simon-Hartley includes an impressive range of automated machinery suitable to equip a complete treatment works: mechanical screens, grit-removal plants, scraping machines for settling tanks, percolating filter distributors, aeration plants, sludge-digestion equipment, sludge-thickening and -dewatering machines, sand filters for tertiary treatment of treated effluents, and a variety of ancillary equipment like penstocks (sluice gates), valves and screw pumps. Much of the equipment has been supplied to major sewage works in Britain and many other countries.

Apart from the very necessary array of ironmongery, Simon-Hartley carries out process design, plant design, procurement, construction and commissioning of complete turnkey plants for industrial effluent treatment. Over 250 effluent plants for industrial effluent treatment have already been installed and are working on a variety of trades, notably metal-plating works, gas works, dye works, textile-finishing mills, paper mills, coking and carbonisation plants, slaughterhouses, as well as fruit and vegetable processing, brewing, canning, fat-processing and general chemical- and pharmaceutical-processing industries.

In 1972 Simon-Hartley acquired Coplastix Limited of Redditch, Worcestershire, as a fully owned subsidiary. The Coplastix Division is now a valuable member of the Simon-Hartley organisation, manufacturing a range of penstocks, valves and other fluid control equipment in exciting new plastic materials which usefully supplement similar Simon-Hartley products made in metal-based materials. Since joining the Simon-Hartley organisation, Coplastix Division has trebled its turnover and was able to double its space for production activities.

In 1976 Simon-Hartley purchased the whole of the share capital of Ashbrook Corporation of Houston, Texas, U.S.A. This company is already well established in the water pollution business with their own range of high speed and low speed aerators and floating spray coolers for the reduction of thermal pollution in water.

Simon-Hartley's comprehensive range of mechanical equipment and extensive expertise in the treatment of industrial effluents and sewage is founded on continual research and development work carried out in its own workshops and research laboratories. The company is well able to provide a comprehensive service to meet the needs of industry, municipalities, water companies, etc., in most aspects concerning problems of water pollution, effluent treatment and disposal. This service can be both advisory and contracting. It embraces on-site investigations, laboratory analyses, reporting to clients on methods of treatment, design, construction and commissioning of plant, and training of client's operators. Visits to client's premises can be arranged by members of the Simon-Hartley sales force or project engineers, whether for exploratory talks or fact-finding, discussions. In the field of effluent treatment, the combination of advisory, laboratory, manufacturing and contracting by a single organisation is indeed rare, if not unique."

The sewage treatment plant at Ash Vale (Lambourn Division of the Thames Water Authority) designed and installed by Simon-Hartley. The extended aeration system gives a high quality effluent from a single process.



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