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Parkers Fine Ales - wall advert in Seaford Street, Shelton 

Parkers Fine Ales sign in Seaford Street, Shelton
Parkers Fine Ales sign in Seaford Street, Shelton


Seaford Street, Shelton

photos: Jan 2002


Parkers Brewery:

Founded in the 1860s, Parker's Brewery produced beer for the pubs all around the Potteries.

Registered as Parker's Burslem Brewery Co Ltd in 1889 when it had 110 public houses; sixty years later the number had risen to 468.

A few still survive, easily identifiable by their splendid mosaic inn-signs, Parker's specialities; the former Dog & Partridge in Hot Lane, Burslem is a case in point. Others are recognisable by even more prominent proclamations to 'Parker's Celebrated Ales' in richly coloured tile and terracotta, located high up in their gables as exemplified by the Victoria Inn, Roundwell Street, Tunstall and the Highland Laddie, Wellington Street, Hanley.

Parker's suffered the same fate as many medium sized breweries in post-war years when absorbed by larger rivals, Ind Coope & Alsopp, in 1949.

Seaford Street:

The land immediately adjacent to  Stoke Road was the first to be developed, at Aynsley Road, Haywood, Newlands, Northcote and Elgin  Streets on Shelton Hall Estate land, and Cauldon Road, Beresford, Seaford and Ashford Streets on Stoke Parish Glebe Land.

The noted architect George B. Ford, designer of schools, churches and hospitals was retained to oversee the "ford" streets. Ford, Guildford and Watford were  added to the extensions of Beresford, Seaford and Ashford Streets, which all included a reference to his name for posterity.




contents: 2010 adverts