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Messrs. Stewarts, Wholesale Ironmongers, etc, New Street, Hanley

1893 advert for Stewarts in New Street (now Goodson Street) , Hanley

From: "A descriptive account of The Potteries (illustrated) 1893 advertising and trade journal." 
Page 30 Messrs. Stewarts, Wholesale Ironmongers, etc., New Street, Hanley

Stewarts had a license to store 100 tones of explosive powder (for mining) 
- if you wanted to telephone them, their number was 44. 


Messrs. Stewarts, Wholesale Ironmongers etc, New Street, Hanley.

 The general hardware trade is well represented in Hanley by Messrs. Stewarts' establishment, which has for upwards of a century occupied a prominent place in this important branch of commercial and industrial activity in the district, the present firm being successors to Messrs. Ibberson and Stewarts Bros. 

The firm occupy premises in New Street which comprise a handsome double-fronted shop and storerooms, the interior of the former beingappointed in superior style and admirably adapted in every particular to the requirements of the extensive trade done. 

A very large and well selected stock is held, embracing all descriptions of general and furnishing ironmongery of the latest designs and best manufacture, while the firm hold what is probably the largest collection of ranges, grates, marble and enamelled slate chimney pieces, and other builders' ironmongery in the Midlands.

 They also deal in Brattice cloth, powder, fuze, crane and mine chains, steam and water tanks and fittings, and general colliery and potters' stores. Messrs. Stewarts have a special licence for storing too tons of powder, and have generally about fifty tons in slock in a magazine about two miles from iheir shop. 

The firm's long and intimate connection wilh the leading wholesale and manufacturing houses, and their wide experience of the trade, affords them every facilities for supplying goods of the best manufacture at exceptionally low prices, and that this fact is generally recognised the great extent of their connections abundantly testifies. 

Messrs. Stewarts are also dealers in iron, steel and oil, and supply many of the largest works in the vicinity. At the rear of the premises, approached by a spacious yard, are commodious workshops equipped with the most improved machinery and appliances. Here a large number of skilled hands are employed, and extensive manufacturing operations are in process. 

All descriptions of iron, tin, copper, and brass work are produced in the best style and at the shortest notice, while special attention is devoted to the manufacture of carriage, cart, and wagon springs, all kinds of coach ironmongery, patent colliery and railway signal bells, bolts, nuts, galvanised signal cord, etc.

 In each department the firm's productions display the highest development of workmanship, and their goods are much esteemed wherever used. Gas, water, range and bar fitting, and general plumbing, also form an important branch of activity, and many imporiant contracts are carried out in these departments. 

Reliability is the leading characteristics of all work executed by the firm, and this quality has gained them widespread and influential support. The registered telegraphic address of ihe firm is " Stewarts, Hanley," while the establishment is also upon the the telephone exchange. No. 44.

"A descriptive account of The Potteries (illustrated) 
1893 advertising and trade journal." 


1907 advert for Stewarts
1907 advert for Stewarts

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1907 Staffordshire Sentinel 'Business Reference Guide to The Potteries, Newcastle & District'


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