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A. J. Wilkinson Ltd, Newport Pottery, Shorter & Son Ltd

A. J. Wilkinson Ltd, Newport Pottery, Shorter & Son Ltd
A. J. Wilkinson Ltd, Newport Pottery, Shorter & Son Ltd

1947 advert
Pottery Gazette & Glass Trade Review


These three factories were owned by the Shorter family and the companies worked in close co-operation, advertising and exhibiting jointly


A.J. Wilkinson, Ltd
Royal Staffordshire Pottery, Burslem
Manufacturers of High Grade Tableware and Hotel Ware

In 1881 the old Central works in Burslem passed into the hands of Wilkinson & Hulme and then, in 1885 to Arthur J. Wilkinson, who was the brother-in-law of Arthur Shorter.

In 1891 Arthur's brother-in-law A. J. Wilkinson died in an accident and Arthur Shorter was asked to manage the A.J. Wilkinson pottery in Burslem.

A few years later he bought the firm and in then in 1898 Arthur's son Colley joined him. His younger son Guy, who became manager at Shorter's in 1900, joined his father and Colley at Wilkinson's in 1905.

In about 1896 the company A. J. Wilkinson took over the Royal Staffordshire Pottery, Burslem and soon left the old Central works.



Newport Pottery, Burslem
Clarice Cliff
Exclusive designs in Tablewares and Fancies  

In 1920 the Shorter family acquired the Newport Pottery which was next door to the A.J. Wilkinson works in Newport Lane, Middleport, Burslem.


Shorter & Son - Copeland Street, Stoke
Art Pottery of every description

In 1878 Arthur Shorter in 1878 and his partner James Boulton set up a pottery company in Copeland Street, Stoke upon Trent.






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