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Messrs. John Buckley & Co., Borough Mills, Marsh Street, Hanley

Messrs. John Buckley & Co., Borough Mills, Marsh Street, Hanley, Steam driven Corn and Flour millers
Messrs. John Buckley & Co., Borough Mills, Marsh Street, Hanley, Steam driven Corn and Flour millers


Messrs. John Buckley and Co., Borough Mills, Marsh Street, Hanley.

For over half a century past the business of Messrs. John Buckley and Co., Corn and Flour Millers, has held an established position in North Staffordshire, giving the firm every claim to rank among the oldest houses in this industry in the district.

The records of the business extend hark over fifty years, when it was founded by the late Mr. John Buckley, by whom, it was subsequently continued for many years. About five years since it passed into the possession of Mr. Henry Buckley King, grandson of the original founder. This gentleman infused into the management a large degree of energy and enterprise, and in his hands the business has more than doubled, necessitating considerable extensions to the premises.

The Borough Mills are centrally situated in Marsh Street, Hanley, and consist of commodious buildings, containing spacious accommodation for the work of the several departments of the business in which the firm is engaged.

The mills are fully equipped with powerful plant and machinery, driven by steam, for the manufacture of flour in the most modern and improved methods, from the various qualities of wheat obtained from all parts of the world, also for dealing with different kinds of provender.

Messrs. Buckley are also engaged in the business of corn merchants, having a wide-spread connection in this line throughout the Potteries, in addition to their large trade in supplying bakers and shopkeepers with flour, &c. An efficient staff of hands is employed in the mills and warehouses, and the arrangements throughout are on the most complete scale for facilitating the work in each department of the business.

The mills are placed in communication with the Telephone Exchange No. 112, and telegrams should be addressed to "Buckley, Millers, Hanley."

from: A descriptive account of The Potteries (illustrated)
1893 advertising and trade journal. Page 42


Marsh Street
(84, Piccadilly)

1 Long, F. J., dress, materials, mantles, &c. 

3 Moriis, G., and Co., cycle agents, &c.

5 Patmore & Nixon, saddlers 

7 Rowe, F., confectioner 

9 Evans, G. H., picture framer and gilder 

11 Kenyon, F., sawmaker 

13 Cleaver, W., confectioner 

15 Hales, L. A., stationer 

17 Mellor, S. A., Jovial Foresters (B.H.) 

21 Berrisford, E., fruiterers 

23 Weston, R., signwriter 

25 Mellor, C, wholesale fruiterer & commission agent 

29 Sumberg, B., tobacconist 

31 Brookes, M., and Co., boot-makers 

Marson, G., Dew Drop Inn (B.H.)


—Here is Clough Street—

47 Salt, S. & T., general smiths 

47 Mountford, W., wheelwright 

Hanley Mecca Cafe Co., Ltd., restaurant proprietors, and cafe 

Young Men's Christian Association Secretary, J. Copson 

53 White, E., wholesale clothier & mantle maker, Y.M.C.A. Buildings



—Here is Parker Street— 

—Here is Etruria Road—

87 Carr, T. E., Old Bird in Hand (B.H.) 

Chew, Alfred, & Co., wholesale wine and spirit merchants

111 Walsh, M., lithographer's assistant

113 Dean, Samuel, grocer

117 Hopkins, Wm., wholesale fruiterer 

119 Foy, J., grocer 

121 Hobson, J., Marsh Tavern (B.H.) 

127 McGarry, Mrs. A. 

129 Gratton, W., insurance agent

133 Appleby, J. D., Black Horse Inn (F.L.)



MARSH STREET —Continued.

—Here is Black Horse Lane—


137 Gater, Thos., Old House at Home (B.H.)

141 Latham, Thos., Lamb Inn (B.H.) 

143 Boon, R., grocer 

147 Tildesley, H., pawnbroker 

Pearl Pottery Co., Ltd., earth'ware manufacturers


Here is Brook Street—
—Here is York Street—


2 Cross, G., cork manufacturer 

6 Woodward, H-, watchmaker 

8 Till, William, labourer 

10 Plant, Mrs. —

12 Johnson, Thomas, carter

14 Tunnicliffe, G. H., chimney sweep 

13 Collings and Co., mirror
framers, &c, and wholesale sponge merchants

—Here is Pall Mall— 
—Here is Brunswick Street—

Primitive Methodist Chapel, Minister, Rev. R. W. Russell 

42 Bush, J., and Co., ticket writers 

44 Hill, H., milk dealer, Trentham Dairy 

46 Kirkham, A., saddler 

48 Britannic Assurance Company (offices)
Superintendent, W. H. Minnery 

50 Rowlinson, H., tripe dresser 

54 Daniels, Hannah 

56 Williams, Albert, fried fish dealer 

53 Billington, T. H., newsagent and stationer 

70 Hall, F., funeral undertaker and cab proprietor 

72 Birkett, T, M., & Son, brass founders

Buckley, J., and Co., flour millers & corn merchants. Borough Corn and Flour Mills 

82 Bentley, William, clerk 

92 Barker, James, auctioneer Hughes, F

Star Inn (F.L.) 

Shilkoff, J., wholesale cabinet and bedding manufacturer

Birkett, T. M., and Sons, brass founders, Alma House


—Here 16 New Hall Street—

Creyke, G. M., decorator & metal mounter 

New Hall Pottery Co., Ltd., earthware manufacturers (toilet sets)

—Here is York Street—

 Marsh Street, Hanley
Marsh Street, Hanley
Marsh Street, Hanley


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