Billington and Tompkinson


Location and period of operation:

Billington & Tompkinson



1870 (71)

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Earthenware manufacturers at the Stafford Street, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent 

  • Charles Tompkinson (of Blythe Bridge) and Richard Billington (of the Mear) were partners in this business. They had another business as china manufacturers in High Street, Longton. 

  • The partnership between Tompkinson and Billington went into liquidation in 1871.   

  • Charles Tompkinson then continued at the High Street Works with Frederick Watts, 


Concurrently: Tompkinson and Billington

Subsequently: Watts & Tomkinson 


London Gazette,  August 4 1871 

notice of the proceedings for liquidation of the partnerships of
between  Charles Tompkinson
and Richard Billington 


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