James & Charles Wileman


Location and period of operation:

J & C Wileman 





 Earthenware and china manufacturers at The Foley Potteries, Foley, Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent, England

  • Their father Henry Wileman died in 1864 and his sons James & Charles took over the business.  

  • In 1866 Charles took over the china business and James the earthenware business. 

  • About 1868 Charles retired and the partnership was dissolved. James F Wileman became the owner of both the china and earthenware works.

Formerly: Henry Wileman

Subsequently: James F Wileman



Asiatic Pheasants platter
J. C. & W. 



Marks and initials used on ware for identification:

J. & C. W.
J. F. & C. W.

marks containing the initials of both 
brothers are likely 1864 to 1866 


C. J. W.

in this period Charles Wileman took the china works 


J. W. & Co

The firm also traded under the name J. Wileman & Co.


J. C. & W. 

Asiatic Pheasants is the pattern name


J. C. & W. 

Leaf is the pattern name


J. C. & W. 



marks courtesy: www.shelley.co.uk 



1879 map showing the Foley Potteries

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