Worthington & Harrop


Location and period of operation:

Worthington & Harrop



July 1873


Manufacturer of parian and earthenware at the Dresden works, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, England

  • The partners were John Worthington and William Harrop (1856-64) and then Thomas Worthington and William Harrop (1864-73).

  • "From 1856 until 1864, they were carried on by John Worthington and William Harrop; from that time until 1875 by Thomas Worthington and William Harrop under the style Worthington & Harrop;"

  • In a 1869 trade directory was recorded 'Worthington, Ridgway & Harrop' as china manufacturers. 




Formerly: Edward Raby

Concurrently: Worthington, Ridgway & Harrop

Subsequently: William Harrop



Worthington & Harrop
Parian Manufacturers
 Tinkersclough, Hanley

Keates Directory 1865

Worthington & Harrop
Parian Manufacturers
Mount Pleasant Works, Tinkersclough, Hanley

Keates Directory 1869  


Worthington & Harrop
Parian Manufacturers
Dresden Works, Tinkersclough, Hanley

Keates Directory 1873  

adverts courtesy of:
R K Henrywood
'Staffordshire Potters 1781-1900'


The London Gazette, August 5 1873 

notice of the dissolution of the partnership
of Worthington & Harrop 


serving dish in the Asiatic Pheasants pattern 



platter in the Rhine pattern 




jug by Worthington & Harrop - depicting Dick Whittington 

the registration diamond shows the pattern was registered on 25 January 1869



Initials & marks used on ware for identification:

W & H


W & H 

Asiatic Pheasants is the pattern name


W & H 

Rhine is the pattern name


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