British Art Pottery Co. (Fenton Ltd  


Location and period of operation:

British Art Pottery Co (Fenton) Ltd



March 1926


China and earthenware manufacturer at the Rialto Works, Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent, England

  • The British Art Pottery Co. took over the Fenton Potteries of F. & R. Pratt when they moved to the Cauldon Place Works.  The works were renamed to the Rialto works and 'Rialto Ware' was produced. 

  • The company got into financial difficulties and in March 1926 a resolution was passed that the company be would up voluntarily. The Chairman at this time was F. T. H. Goodwin. (probably Frederick Thomas Henry Goodwin who had previously been in business as a flint miller and bone merchant at the Foley Mills). 

  • The Rialto Works were demolished and Workshops for the Blind built on the site.  



The London Gazette
16th March 1926

notice of the voluntary liquidation of the company 



examples of typical patterns produced by the British Art Pottery Co 

British Art Pottery Co Fenton
Made in England 




As well as Art Pottery the British Art Pottery Co. produced badged souvenir ware. 

Crested china collecting became a craze in Victorian and Edwardian times when day trippers bought small porcelain ornaments decorated with the coat of arms of the locality to take home as a souvenir.

British Art Pottery Co Fenton
Rialto China




1922 map showing the Rialto pottery works - High Street East, Fenton




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