Buckley, Heath & Co


Location and period of operation:

Buckley, Heath & Co


Nov 1884

July 1890


Earthenware manufacturer, operating at the Union Pottery, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, England. 
  • The partners were John Buckley, Daniel Heath and William Eardley. They had previously, along with Thomas Wood, been partners in the firm of Buckley, Wood & Co

  • William Eardley left the business in April 1886 and at sometime later a William Boulton joined the partnership - Boulton left in March 1888. 

  • The Buckley-Heath partnership was dissolved on the 1st July 1890 and the company was closed. 



Previously: Buckley, Wood & Co 



The London Gazette
9th April 1886

notice that William Eardley
had left the partnership 
The London Gazette
6th April 1888

notice that William Boulton
had left the partnership 
The London Gazette
25th July 1890

notice of the dissolution of the partnership
between John Buckely & Daniel Hath 




Buckley, Heath & Co
Union Pottery, High St., 
manufacturers of 
eneral Assorted Earthenware for Home and Foreign Markets
of newest designs and latest improved patterns
printed ware on white and ivory
Special Attention Given to Decorated Toilet Sets in
Old Crown Derby, Dark Blue Japanese and Hand Painted Patterns
in Great Variety

Pottery Gazette,  January 1885




B. H. & Co

Clytie is the pattern name 
the registration number 78550 shows that
the design shape was registered on the 11th August 1887
it consisted of a five piece toilet set


photos courtesy: Sarah Grabl


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