Coloroll Ceramics Group


Location and period of operation:

Coloroll Ceramics Group




* 1990 after a management buyout renamed Staffordshire Tableware.


The Coloroll Group were best known for their home furnishings, wallpapers and carpets. Their purchase of ceramic companies (including also Denby Tableware and Edinburgh Crystal) enabled them to pursue a strategy of selling a complete range of co-ordinated home furnishings to young people, fostering the home fashion and ‘tabletop’ image.

In 1989, they commissioned customer research to identify market needs and gaps. Their products were identified by their consumers as follows –

(Tableware International December 1989 / January 1990 p.34)

Having these three distinct ranges allowed them to cover a wide range of low- to mid-market consumer needs.

The financial failure of Coloroll as a group was not due to poor performance of the Ceramics Division.

Staffordshire Potteries, Meir

Royal Winton, Shelton

Biltons Tableware, London Road, Stoke

June 1986  bought Biltons Tableware, London Road, Stoke

July 1986   bought Staffordshire Potteries, including Royal Winton, Shelton

Feb 1987   bought Cartwright and Edwards, Longton

1987          bought Crown House Tableware (glass)

June 1990  Coloroll in receivership. Assets to be sold off by Division

Aug 1990   Coloroll Ceramics bought out by management and renamed Staffordshire Tableware

Aug 1990   Royal Winton bought out by management (Flowergrove Ltd.)

source: Potteries Museum


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