Thomas Dimmock & Co
Thomas Dimmock (Jnr) & Co


Location and period of operation:

T Dimmock & Co





Earthenware manufacturer at the Albion Street Works and the Tontine Street Works, Hanley (Shelton), Stoke-on-Trent, England. 
  • It appears that Thomas Dimmock (Snr) rented works around 1822 from a John Birch. 

  • Thomas Dimmock (Snr) died in 1827 and son Thomas Dimmock (Jnr) continued the lease and operated the business from 1828 as Thomas Dimmock (jnr) & Co. Around 1838 he purchased the works outright. 

Ward in his book The Borough of Stoke-upon-Trent (published 1843) notes...

"THOMAS DIMMOCK & Co. hold three manufactories, viz.-

First, A pot-work in Hanley, adjoining the new Market-house, formerly James Whitehead's, afterwards J. and W. Handley's.

Second, Another pot-work in the upper end of Shelton, formerly of Edmund John Birch, afterwards of Christopher Whitehead.

Third, An enamelling and guilding establishment, adjacent to the King's Head, in Shelton."

  • Thomas Dimmock (jnr) died in April 1860 - the other partners at the time were John Dimmock, John Dimmock, Josiah Dimmock, John Smith and Robert Smith.

  • The business continued as J Dimmock & Co. 


Subsequently: J. Dimmock & Co


The London Gazette
3rd July 1860

Notice of the dissolution of the partnership of
Thomas Dimmock, junr., and Company



hand painted plate in the Bamboo pattern 

Kaolin Ware 

the squiggle marks were added (after the style of Chinese porcelain manufacturers) to give the impression of the orient to their ware even though it was produced in England.



Florentine Pattern

Kaolin Ware

Pearl Ware




Dinner plates in the Wild Flowers pattern

Kaolin Ware
Wild Flowers




plate in the flow-blue Rhine Pattern

Kaolin Ware

the registration diamond shows that this pattern was registered on the 7th May 1844

Registered design number: 18207.
Proprietor: Thomas Dimmock, junior and Company.
Address: Shelton Potteries, Staffordshire.
Subject: Plate.
Class 4: earthenware


Kaolin Ware platter in the Tripod Pattern 



Vine Border Pattern - Stone Ware

Vine Border 
Stone Ware 



Scroll Pattern - Stone Ware

Vine Border 
Stone Ware 

photos courtesy: Darek Kukiz 


Marks and trade names used on ware for identification:

Much of the ware is marked with a letter 'D' 

The letter 'D' was used in association with printed marks by Thomas Dimmock.
NOTE: Davenports also used the initial letter 'D'






KAOLIN WARE was a trade name and only used by Thomas Dimmock & Co. 
'BAMBOO' is the pattern name



PEARL WARE was a name used by a number of pottery manufacturers 
but the monogram was only used by Thomas Dimmock



STONE WARE was a name used by a number of pottery manufacturers.
The initial 'D' and the pattern style VINE BORDERS identify this mark as Dimmocks.

There were many Dimmock marks with the crown above the pattern, with the initial 'D'



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